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Group 61 provides support to members of our community who have mental health issues.  We know there are many others who would benefit from a connection with us.

In 2007, almost half (45%) of Australians aged 16 – 85 years had experienced a mental disorder at some point in their lifetime.  People with mental illness may be unable to fully participate in the community because of difficulties they face in everyday functioning and may have difficulty in developing relationships because of this.  They are also more likely to be living by themselves.*
*ABS Social Trends 4102.0 2009

Positive social support has been found to be helpful for people in not developing mental health issues, managing stress and maintain good mental health.

  • We would like to extend our services.
  • Additional resources are required to do this.

If you can assist in any way please contact us here

As we are non-Government supported, we appreciate any donations.