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Get your Community Pharmacy Involved in the PiR Integration Project

Do you know the services community pharmacies offer to help consumers with mental health issues? Did you know there is an exciting new project aimed at increasing pharmacies relationship with mental health support services? Do you know a community pharmacy that would get involved in this innovative project?

My name is Jacqueline Henricks and I am a professional practice pharmacist working for The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, QLD branch. My current project involves building a proactive and integrated culture between community pharmacy and mental health support services, such as Group61.

Community pharmacies provide a range of services and I think we could all recall a positive interaction with a community pharmacist at some point in our lives. I think we all agree that pharmacists are fantastically placed to assist in the identification, referral and support of mental health consumers, their carers and families.  Do you want to know more about community pharmacy and their professional services suite? Do you know a pharmacy in the Metro North Brisbane region which should get involved in the project? Contact me via phone 3831 3788 (ext 140) or email jacqueline.henricks@qldguild.org.au with any questions, more information or to tell me about a pharmacy wanting to get involved!

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