Wesley Mission has engaged a Project Coordinator to assist in the transition of Group61. If you have any questions about what is happening, please contact her: Kat Bhathena Ph: 07 3621 4362 Please note all new friendship enquiries will be responded to on or after Wednesday 3 August 2016



A Special Meeting was held at Group61 on Thursday 7th April. This meeting was held to vote on the future of Group61. The Management Committee has been in close discussions with Wesley Mission Queensland and have together developed a future for Group 61 and proposed the following motion:

“Group61 Inc is to be wound up and deregistered as an incorporated association and transferred to Wesley Mission Brisbane in accordance with Clause 51 of the Group61 Inc Constitution.”
The proposal for Group61 to be merged with Wesley Mission Queensland was accepted with a unanimous vote by those members present and proxies with 1 abstention.
At the meeting members of the Management Committee and other members present expressed their excitement this opportunity offers and are looking forward to being able to concentrate on undertaking activities that enrich and augment the work of volunteers and the friendships that have developed with Friends as Wesley Mission takes over the governance and all that entails.
A further Special Meeting will be held in June to finalise this process. Following that meeting there will be a social occasion when we can join together to celebrate all that Group61 has achieved so far. We will also be celebrating that Group61 will continue to provide wonderful connections between Volunteers and Friends into the future.
Wesley Mission Queensland has engaged a contractor to assist in the transition of Group61. If you have any questions about what is happening, please contact her: Avryl Gration Ph: 0497 831 885.

Get your Community Pharmacy Involved in the PiR Integration Project

Do you know the services community pharmacies offer to help consumers with mental health issues? Did you know there is an exciting new project aimed at increasing pharmacies relationship with mental health support services? Do you know a community pharmacy that would get involved in this innovative project?

My name is Jacqueline Henricks and I am a professional practice pharmacist working for The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, QLD branch. My current project involves building a proactive and integrated culture between community pharmacy and mental health support services, such as Group61.

Community pharmacies provide a range of services and I think we could all recall a positive interaction with a community pharmacist at some point in our lives. I think we all agree that pharmacists are fantastically placed to assist in the identification, referral and support of mental health consumers, their carers and families.  Do you want to know more about community pharmacy and their professional services suite? Do you know a pharmacy in the Metro North Brisbane region which should get involved in the project? Contact me via phone 3831 3788 (ext 140) or email with any questions, more information or to tell me about a pharmacy wanting to get involved!


Pilot Community Connection Program with the RBWH

Volunteers are visiting the RBWH wards each evening and on weekends. Trust has been built with the patients, who now look forward to the volunteers’ visits and enjoy the activities. Bingo is especially well attended and the inpatients are always grateful of the small prizes they can win.  Informal chats with the inpatients have revealed other activities they would like to see on the ward such as dancing to pop music, playing hop scotch and celebrity head. Further discussions with the hospital staff will be necessary before these activities can commence.

Several new Friends have been signed up by our Area Coordinators and our volunteers are meeting their Friends in hospital before they are discharged. This ensures friendship grows before the transition to home, which is a vulnerable time.


Safelink Tenant Mentoring Project

There has been a recent increase in the number of tenants requiring assistance under this program. Male volunteers especially are needed. If you would like to volunteer to assist people with mental health issues to access services in the community, please contact Julie on 3367 8674 or


Coming soon our Christmas Specials!

Volunteers Christmas Dinner
Tuesday 2nd December, 7.00pm at Kedron Wavell RSL, Restaurant 3.
Buffet is $25 per head. Spouse / partner welcome! 
Please RSVP by the 28th November via email or phone 3367 8674.
Friends Christmas Dinner
Saturday 6th December at 12 noon at City North Baptist Church, 52 Yiada St, Kedron.
For Group61 Friends and their carers as well as Volunteers, family & friends.
Please RSVP by the 1st December via email or phone 3367 8674. 

Volunteer Network Meeting


Mental Health First Aid Training Photos




Queensland Mental Health Commissioner's Update

Mental Health Commissioner Dr. Lesley van Schoubroeck welcomes 12 new members to Queensland’s first Mental Health and Drug Advisory Council, and speaks about the council’s first tasks, including the eligability requirements for disability support pension, their strategic plan, and the mental health affects of regional drought.

Read the full article here:

Queensland Mental Health Commissioner’s Update